Does your business use air conditioning or heat pumps?

Based on the European Union’s F-gas Regulation No 842/2006 which became law on 4th July 2006. Updated January 2015 (No 517/2014) this imposes obligations on “operators” of this equipment from that you should know about.
“Operators” are defined as the people or organisations that have the power over the technical funding of the equipment.
Legal requirements for the operator are as follows

For stationary air conditioning and heat pump units which contain F-gases operators must:

  • Check if your systems contain F-gases & label them.
  • Prevent leakage, and repair any leaks as soon as possible.
  • Carry out leak checks at specified intervals
  • Ensure that only certified competent personnel carry out leakage checks
  • Maintain records of refrigerants and of servicing
  • Recover F gases when disposing of equipment

Air Conditioning Installation

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Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

Our pre-programmed maintenance schedules are designed specifically for each different piece of refrigeration equipment. Ensuring any possible issues are highlighted then rectified leaving systems running at their optimum performance.

  • Longevity of life
  • Reducing the risk of product loss
  • Reducing the risk of breakdowns  
  • Money saving and energy efficient

​If you would like to read the requirements in full then please click the link below:

Refrigeration  Service & Maintenance

Maintenance plans will keep your equipment in peak condition and will extend the life expectancy of your equipment. Maintaining your equipment will decrease the risk of breakdowns and increase the efficiency reducing your energy cost.

  • Increase reliability and cleanliness
  • Reduce Running Cost
  • Increase energy efficiency

We are a competitive and professional contractor that installs a wide variety of systems and always selects a system that is right for our customer’s application, based on a site survey carried out by our expert technical Manager.

All our air conditioning installations include the following:

  • Installed and commissioned by a  time-served refrigeration/air conditioning engineers fully qualified to the latest F Gas standards and trained in line with manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • Pipework of refrigerant grade copper, installed on designated pipework support system or cable tray, and installed to current F Gas standards.
  • Insulated with O Class fire retardant insulation with the correct wall size selected.
  • Full user manuals and commissioning reports.
  • Onsite demonstration if required.