We understand the difficulty of choosing a reliable and trustworthy company to quote, install and maintain air conditioning systems.  

“Total Cooling Services delivered everything they promised, on time and to budget."

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Total Cooling Services specialises in the service & maintenance of all air conditioning and refrigeration systems.



Total Cooling Services offers a free no obligation maintenance quotation. Providing a cost effective maintenance service that can be tailored to meet specific customer needs.

“Total Cooling Services identified key areas for improvement to reduce expensive repair cost and decrease energy consumption.


Our repair team are here to help with any query or problem. We offer a full 24 hour, 365 days a year service using in house, fully equipped and trained personnel.

​Total Cooling Services are Service Partners of Hauser



With over 25 years experience in the air conditioning industry we have the expertise and resources to address every stage of your air conditioning or refrigeration life cycle. 


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  • Local Authority
  • Schools
  • Leisure Centres
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • ​High Street Stores
  • Factories Process Cooling
  • Offices
  • All Small Businesses
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